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Integra Ledger API Information

The Integra Ledger utilizes Hyperledger Fabric for its blockchain infrastructure. All data access is performed through a RESTful API calls. The API consists of 10 API calls for data access. 8 of the calls have to deal with registering the hashes of documents or recordsets. The other 2 calls are for dealing with Private/Public keys using the Integra Ledger as a public key lookup for data encryption along with digitally signing hashes and or esignatures.

All calls to the ledger must include the following header with the token is obtained from Integra Inc by clicking the "Sign Up" button above and creating an account. You can obtain your Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key by going to you profile (Use the drop down under you name) and copying the Primary Key to use as your subscription Key. The account must be activated by an Integra Admin first. This will generally take less than 24 hours. This key should be passed into the header of every API call.

Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key :xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Our APIs



Use this call to register a hash of any document or recordset on the Integra.

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Use this call to verify that the hash of a document or recordset exists on Integra.

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Use this call to check to see if the IntegraId of the document or recordset exists on Integra.

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The first step in integrating with Integra and providing document verification is registering the hash of the document and or record set on the Integra Ledger blockchain.  Once a subscription key is created, using the Sign Up button above, all calls on in the API can be accessed to register and verify information on the immutable Integra Ledger distributed ledger.  Integra recomments using SHA-256 or above for hashing information.  It is also very important to never register important or proprietary information on the Integra Ledger.  The proprietary information should be stored within the document as metadata before the call is made.  

POST /api/v1.4/registerIdentity

"$class": "com.integraledger.identityregistry.RegisterIdentity",
"identityId": "b8f6f1f9-ed18-836e-0a64-00c4268c1d25",
"recordId": "12345",
"identityType": "com.integraledger.lmatid",
"value": "A31FE9656FC8Dd3A459E623DC8204Edd6D0268F8DdF56D734DAC3CA3262EDB5DB889",
"metaData": "metadata",
"opt1": "opt1 value",
"opt2": "opt2 value",
"opt3": "opt3 value",
"transactionId": "00896d59fffcbf850e9294e30a1b4cfe2d8564fde1beb2692b6fd926fa0ee8fa",
"creationDate": "2020-10-26T04:14:09.000Z"